SIMATIC ET 200S – the all-rounder with the comprehensive range of products for distributed automation  

SIMATIC ET 200S is the multifunctional, highly modular I/O system with IP20 degree of protection that can be exactly tailored to the automation task. Thanks to its rugged construction, it can also be used under conditions of high mechanical stress.


Various interface modules are available for interfacing to the
PROFIBUS and/or PROFINET bus systems. Interface modules
with an integral CPU transfer the computing power of an S7-
300 CPU directly into the I/O device. They take the load off the
central controller and the fieldbus and facilitate a rapid response
to time-critical signals.
The interface modules with CPU functionality can be used in
stand-alone mode as well as for distributed automation solutions
with a medium-sized program. They correspond to a CPU
314 and enable distributed preprocessing of the production
data locally – even in the fail-safe version. They communicate
with the higher-level programmable controller over the coexistent
MPI/PROFIBUS DP slave interface.
Distributed automation solutions frequently involve not just
digital and analog signals, but also technological functions,
motor starters, frequency converters or a pneumatic interface.
The bit-modular ET 200S offers a comprehensive module
range to implement the tasks:
• Technology modules
• Motor starter
• Frequency converter
• Pneumatic interface
• IQ-Link sensor modules
• Fail-safe modules (I/O, PM)
• DP master module
1) As SIPLUS extreme component also for extended temperature range -25 ... +60/+70 °C and corrosive atmosphere/condensation
(for further details, see page 94 or
2) With master module
3) 3-port switch

- Discretely modular configuration with multi-wire connection

- Multifunctional thanks to a wide range of modules

- Also available as expandable block I/O with integral

- Use in areas subject to explosion hazard (Zone 2)

- Many of the ET200 components are also available in a
SIPLUS extreme version for extreme environmental
conditions, e.g. extended temperature range
(-40/-25 … +60/+70 °C) and for use where there is corrosive