SIMATIC S7-300: The modular controller for innovative system solutions in the manufacturing industry

SIMATIC S7-300 is the best-selling controller of the Totally Integrated 

Automation spectrum with a host of successful reference
applications worldwide from the most varied industrial
sectors, such as:
• Manufacturing engineering
• Automotive industry
• General machine construction
• Special-purpose machine manufacturing
• Standard mechanical equipment manufacture, OEMs
• Plastics processing
• Packaging industry
• Food, beverages and tobacco industries
• Process engineering 

New for SIMATIC S7-300
The SIMATIC S7-300 is subject to a continuous development
process – especially in the area of CPUs. The PROFINET-capable,
compact CPU 314C-2 PN/DP with 192 KB memory and
0.06 μs per bit operation is completely new, as well as the familiar
technology functions and onboard IOs. From firmware
version V3.2, the PN CPUs are capable of processing all the
new PROFINET functions, e.g. I-Device, Shared Device, MRP
(Media Redundant Protocol), IRT (Isochronous Real-Time) and
user-defined web pages.


The SIMATIC S7-300 has been designed for innovative system
solutions with the focus on manufacturing engineering,
and as a universal automation system, it represents an
optimal solution for applications in centralized and distributed
- The ability to integrate powerful CPUs with Industrial
Ethernet/PROFINET interface, integrated technological
functions, or fail-safe designs make additional
investments unnecessary.

- The S7-300 can be set up in a modular configuration
without the need for slot rules for I/O modules. There
is a wide range of modules available both for the centralized
and the distributed configuration with

- The Micro Memory Card as a data and program memory
makes a backup battery superfluous and saves
maintenance costs. In addition, an associated project,
including symbols and comments, can be stored on
this memory card to facilitate service calls.

- The Micro Memory Card also enables simple program
or firmware updates without a programming device.
The Micro Memory Card can also be used during operation
for storing and accessing data, e.g. for measured
value archiving or recipe processing.

- In addition to standard automation, safety technology
and motion control can also be integrated in
an S7-300.

- Many of the S7-300 components are also available in
a SIPLUS extreme version for extreme environmental
conditions, e.g. extended temperature range
(-40/-25 … +60/+70 °C) and for use where there is corrosive